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Choosing an APC Piezoelectric Material

We manufacture an extensive selection of piezoelectric elements from our specially formulated, highest purity lead zirconate / lead titanate ceramics. Use an APC soft (sensor) ceramic - APC 850 or APC 855 - for low-power resonance or non-resonance devices, when high coupling and/or high charge sensitivity are important. Choose an APC hard (high power) ceramic - APC 840, APC 841, or APC 880 - when high power characteristics are required.

APC 850 is an excellent piezoelectric material for flow or level sensors, such as ultrasonic or Doppler flow meters, gas flow sensors, and ultrasonic level sensors, for ultrasonic NDT / NDE applications, or for accurate inspections of automotive, structural, or aerospace products (construction materials, structural welds, transmission lines, steel storage tanks). APC 850 is also ideal for high performance transducers for medical imaging applications. A high dielectric constant, high coupling, high charge sensitivity, high density with a fine grain structure, a high Curie point, and a clean, noise-free frequency response are characteristic of APC 850.

APC 855 is well suited to applications similar to those in which APC 850 is used, when high permittivity and high piezoelectric charge coefficients are required.

APC 840 and APC 841 materials are widely used for generating ultrasonic or high-voltage energy in ultrasonic cleaners, sonar devices, etc. Important characteristics of APC 841 include a high piezoelectric charge constant (d33) relative to reference values for this formulation, greater power output per volume of material, a high mechanical quality factor that reduces mechanical loss and allows a lower operating temperature, and a low dissipation factor that ensures cooler, more economical operation.

High dielectric stability and low mechanical loss under demanding conditions make APC 880 an excellent choice when the highest electrical drive is required.


APC Piezoelectric Materials Recommendations for Specific Applications
Application 840
(Type VI)
accelerometers       Checkmark Checkmark
bilaminar actuators       Checkmark Checkmark
cryogenic SEMs     Checkmark    
flow meters       Checkmark Checkmark
gas ignitors, impact-type       Checkmark Checkmark
gas ignitors, squeeze-type Checkmark Checkmark      
high frequency transducers Checkmark Checkmark      
high power actuators Checkmark Checkmark      
high stress pressure sensors Checkmark Checkmark      
hydrophones       Checkmark Checkmark
level sensors       Checkmark Checkmark
medical monitoring /
medical diagnostic
      Checkmark Checkmark
microphones       Checkmark Checkmark
motors, vibratory Checkmark Checkmark      
precise movement control       Checkmark Checkmark
pressure sensors       Checkmark Checkmark
thickness gauges       Checkmark Checkmark
transformers Checkmark Checkmark      
ultrasonic atomizers Checkmark Checkmark      
ultrasonic cleaners Checkmark Checkmark      
ultrasonic micro-bonding Checkmark Checkmark      
ultrasonic mixing / dispersion     Checkmark    
ultrasonic surgery     Checkmark    
ultrasonic welding     Checkmark    
underwater echo sounders Checkmark Checkmark      
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