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After Manufacturing 5: A Brief Introduction to Air Transducers (10/20/2016)
- APC introduced air transducers, the most common kind of transducer. Air transducers are found in every day life. Learn about standard air transducers on the blog.

After Manufacturing 4: Anatomy of Multiple Element (Stack) Transducers (09/14/2016)
- APC discussed multiple element transducers for high power applications and their five primary parts.

After Manufacturing 3: Anatomy of a Single Element Transducer (08/18/2016)
- APC discussed transduction, the anatomy of transducers, and considerations of single element transducers.

After Manufacturing 2: Powering Piezo Devices (07/27/2016)
- In the second installment of this series, APC discussed how to power piezo devices for transmitting or displacment applications using standard equipment available from APC.

After Manufacturing 1: Connecting to PZT (06/16/2016)
- APC began it's "After Manufacturing" series of newsletters. In the first of the series, APC focused on what to do with piezo ceramics starting with connecting to the piezo.

Ceramic Manufacturing Series 7 - Testing and Packing PZT Ceramics (04/21/2016)
- APC discussed some of the most common electrical and physical properties specified by customers when purchasing PZT ceramics for a specific application, how to test for these often specified properties, and some general equipment choices.

Ceramic Manufacturing Series 6 - Poling PZT Ceramics (03/16/2016)
- APC discussed the poling process for PZT ceramics and reviewed the crystal structure as a refresher.

Ceramic Manufacturing Series 5 - Electroding PZT Ceramics (02/17/2016)
- APC discussed electrodes and electrode firing for PZT ceramics. We discussed several techniques commonly used in the industry - read on for more information.

Ceramic Manufacturing Series 4 - Maching PZT Ceramics (01/21/2016)
- APC discussed basic machining techniques that can yield even the most complex geometries.

Ceramic Manufacturing Series 3 - Firing Pressed PZT Components (11/19/2015)
- APC discussed the removal of binder via combustion through the process of BBO.

Ceramic Manufacturing Series 2 - Pressing PZT Powders (10/22/2015)
- APC discussed the importance of understanding the process of pressing powders and how to control the powders themselves.

Ceramic Manufacturing Series 1 - An Introduction (09/17/2015)
- APC introduced its Ceramic Manufacturing newsletter series. This series is devoted to the processes, operations, and equipment required to manufacture piezoelectric ceramics.

Ultrasonic Welding and Standard Piezo Cylinders (08/21/2014)
- APC discussed the benefits of using ultrasonic transducers for welding applications. APC can provide a wide variety of standard piezoelectric cylinders that can be shipped within a week for any project needs.

Amps and Voltage Piezos Produce & Electrode Patterns APC Offers (08/07/2014)
- FAQ about how many amps and volts a piezo can produce is discussed. Also discussed are the standard piezo electrode patterns available to use plus custom patterns offered.

Determining Resonance Frequency & Ultrasonic Nebulizer Boards (07/24/2014)
- Read about how to determine the resonance frequency for piezo ceramics. APC offers ultrasonic nebulizer boards or fluid atomizers plus component parts and custom designs.

Piezo Breeze Sensors & Value Added Services APC Provides (07/10/2014)
- Use piezo breeze sensors for a different approach when measuring air flow. Need a custom assembled piezoelectric ceramic, contact APC to discuss all our available assembly services.

Benefits of Piezoelectric Transformers and Begin Soldering Your Own Leads (06/26/2014)
- APC discusses the difference and advantages of piezoelectric transformers over electromagnetic transformers. Save time and money with soldering leads on your own ceramics with the help of APC's soldering starter kit!

Ultrasonic Power Transducers & Helpful Customer Resources from APC (06/12/2014)
- Ultrasonic power transducer newly added to APC's available product line. Also offered to APC's customer is our "knowledge center," which contains many informative and helpful resources on products, applications, and calculations.

Nebulizer Board Survey and Ultrasound Medical Imaging Technique (05/29/2014)
- Take a quick survey to help APC improve their nebulizer board products. Learn more about how the ultrasonic medical imaging technique works and what medical fields use it most.

Available from APC's Product Line are Stack Actuators and Air Transducers (05/15/2014)
- APC offers free resources to assist customers with applications using our stack actuators. Another product offered from APC are both custom and standard piezo air transducers.

APC Offers Contract Manufacturing & How To Use d33 Meter to Calculate d31 Values (05/01/2014)
- Save time and expenses with APC's value added services, custom assembly, and contract manufacturing. Also save time on using a d33 meter with APC's "how to" instructions for operating a d33 meter for all your research development needs.

850 Material Ideal for Sensing Applications & Wide Range of Markets APC Serves (4/17/2014)
- For many sensing applications, the ideal material to use is APC's 850 or Navy VI. APC's products can be found in a wide range of markets and industries around the world.

New Air Transducer Module and Wide-Range d33 Meters Available from APC (4/3/2014)
- New to APC's product line are 300kHz air transducer and air transducer module. Another product from APC's line is a wide-range d33 meter that is accurate and reliable instrument.

Composite Piezo Materials in High Frequency Applications & Piezo Disc Benders (3/20/2014)
- For high frequency piezoelectric ceramic applications consider using APC's dice and fill composite materials: Navy I, Navy II, and Navy VI. Available from APC are both standard and custom made piezo disc benders as either bimorphs or unimorphs depending on your piezoelectric ceramic needs.

Quick Delivery of Standard Piezo Elements & Soldering to Piezoelectric Ceramics (3/6/2014)
- Introducing new line of in-stock "standard" piezoelectric ceramics for all your sensing applications needs that can be delivery quickly. APC offers to customers the service of soldering leads to your piezoelectric ceramics to ensure ceramics will not de-poled.

Custom Piezo Elements from APC; APC's iPhone App Makes Calculations Easy (2/20/2014)
- Let APC's highly knowledgeable and professional technical staff help in designing any custom piezo ceramic whether its a small quantity or in the millions. If you are designing your own piezo device, make sure to use APC's iPhone App to assist in calculating the properties of your piezoelectric ceramic.

Piezo Transducer Assembly & Standard Piezo Cylinders from APC (2/6/2014)
- APC's highly skilled team of engineers can provide a free review of your piezo transducer or piezo sensor design to help you reduce assembly costs and improve the design. APC is pleased to now offer standard piezo cylinders manufactured from Navy I material for high power applications.

High Power Piezo Materials & Piezo Motors from American Piezo (1/23/2014)
- For use in high power applications, APC offers three "hard" piezo materials (APC 840, 880 and 841). In today's market for small motors the use of a piezo motor carries some significant advantages. APC has supplied thousands of parts for piezo motors.

Testing & Inspecting of Piezoelectric Ceramics and Bonding Actuators from APC International (1/9/2014)
- Not only does APC offer quality piezoelectric ceramics but we can conduct extensive testing and inspection of any piezoelectric ceramic ordered from us. APC has developed new epoxies and bonding techniques to improve the performance of our bending actuators.

Happy Holidays from American Piezo (12/19/2013)
- APC would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. If you have received a new iPad, tablet or computer this year, make sure to download APC's Piezo Calculator App for all your piezo ceramic property calculation needs!

Piezo Ceramic Cylinders & Medical Diagnostic Devices from American Piezo (12/5/2013)
- Available from APC are a wide range of both standard piezoelectric cylinders and custom design cylinders. APC's ceramics are used in many industries; the medical field included. Our piezoelectric ceramics have been used in everything from fetal heart monitors and diagnostic ultrasound to a variety of micro-motors used in surgical applications.

Piezo Manufacturing Support & Stack Actuator e-Book (11/21/2013)
- APC's technicians have supported customers for over 25 years with successful contract manufacturing and piezo device development. APC's e-Book First Steps Towards Piezoaction provides background information on how to select and use a stack actuator.

Piezoelectric Ceramics for Sensing Applications (11/7/2013)
-When developing piezoelectric sensors the best materials to use are "soft" piezo materials, such as APC 850 and APC 855. If you looking to design a piezoelectric ceramic with increased sensitivity and greater displacement, you may wish to consider a piezoelectric ceramic poled in shear mode. APC offers shear mode ceramics in standard and custom shapes.

Piezo Flow Sensors & Modes of Vibration (10/24/2013)
- APC supplies thousands of piezoelectric ceramics every year to be used in liquid and gas flow meters. APC's experts can help design, provide material, or test your flow sensor project. APC's textbook Piezoelectric Ceramics: Principles and Applications provides an overview of how to develop piezo sensors.

Easy Piezo Calculations with APC Apps & Common Electrode Options  (10/10/2013)
- If you need help figuring out calculations or properties, APC International offers both an iPhone and Web Application to help. To simplify assembly, APC offers custom electrode pattern options when designing your piezoelectric ceramics.

Piezo Stacks for Extreme Environments & Piezo Cylinders (9/26/2013)
- APC International, Ltd. presents options for manufacturing piezo stack actuators that will operate in low temperature settings and other extreme environments. APC now offers stock piezo cylinders in hard and soft materials. Stock cylinders are available for quick delivery.

Web Version of APCPiezoCalc Launched & Actuator Overview (9/12/2013)
- APC International, Ltd. has released the web version of APCPiezoCalc. Easily calculate a range of parameters needed when working with piezoelectric ceramics. Bookmark it or add a shortcut to your desktop. Review the range of piezo actuators offered to find one for your application.

Easily Calculate Resonance Frequency & Understand Key Concepts (8/29/2013)
- All of the equations AND material properties you need are preloaded in the APCPiezoCalc iPhone App and APCPiezoCalc Web Calculator. Pick your units, select your shape, choose your material and solve! You can even easily calculate the frequency constant, capacitance, dielectric constant, static voltage and static displacement of piezoelectric ceramic elements.

Piezoelectric Sensor Materials & Transducer Assembly Options (8/15/2013)
- When it comes to Piezoelectric materials and sensors, APC International has a full range of material options for your sensor applications. Soft ceramics like our APC 850 & APC 855 can be fantastic choices for applications like flow meters, microphones, actuators, level sensors and more. If you need support related to the function and application of transducer technology APC International can help.

NEW 1-3 Composites Available from APC & Ultrasonic Cleaning Product Tips (8/1/2013)
- APC International, Ltd. now offers a range of options in the area of 1-3 composite materials. They are available in three varieties: Dice & Fill, Random Fiber and Regular Fiber. Explore the composites webpages for more details! See the APC International Blog for piezo product usage tips.

Visit the Re-Designed APC Products & Services Page! (7/18/2013)
- Check out the redesign of our Products and Services section. We removed several layers of web navigation! Easily access lists of stock items including cylinders, air transducers, stack actuators, cleaning transducers, buzzers, shear mode plates, composite materials and disc benders. Review details like electrode patterns, tolerances and material properties.

Machining Plates & Happy 4th of July! (7/4/2013)
- We have found that many customers using large piezo plates cut them into smaller sizes prior to use. Have APC handle these process steps before shipping your parts to you! Consider our sale parts for small projects. Review our 4th of July schedule.

New Type I Material Cylinders in Stock & Piezo Flies? (6/20/2013)
- Stock cylinders are now available in a Type I hard ceramic material excellent for sensors, fiber optics or fine movement actuators. Check out interesting applications; Researchers at a Harvard Robotics Lab have developed flying micro robots utilizing piezo actuation.

Lead MetaNiobate Added to APC Materials & Stock Shear Mode Plates (6/6/2013)
- APC International, Ltd. is now adding Lead MetaNiobate to the family of APC materials. Is your transducer application used in a high temperature environment? Do you want drive an NDT transducer at high frequency? Would greater signal strength better serve your application? APC also stocks shear mode plates.

Shear Piezo Half-Rings for Sensing or Motors & Sensors Expo 2013 (5/23/2013)
- Do you want to make a piezo motor that moves in a circular motion? APC shear mode piezo half-rings are an excellent option that can be made out of any APC material.The Sensors Expo & Conference is the only industry event in North America exclusively focused on sensors and sensor-integrated systems, providing over 25 years of technical innovation and thought leadership!

Static Voltage of a Disc & d33 Meters in Stock! (5/9/2013)
- Does calculating Static Voltage for a Disc Shape have you digging through old textbooks? You could always pull out the formulas to the right and plug & chug OR you could use the APCPiezoCalc App! A d33 testing unit is a fast, reliable, low cost means of determining d33 values and can be an invaluable tool.

Hard PZT for High Power Apps & Mounting Stack Actuators (4/25/2013)
- Although hard ceramics generally are more stable than soft ceramics, they cannot produce the same large displacements. Hard ceramics are compatible with high mechanical loads and high voltages. In coupling an actuator to a mechanical system, exclude bending, tilting or shear forces that could inhibit the stroke or damage the actuator.

Bridge Health Management & Piezo Information Resources (4/11/2013)
- The field of structural health monitoring continues to evolve in many exciting ways! A recent update from the Rutgers School of Engineering highlights an innovation for Bridge Health Management. APC International recommends several publications to establish familiarity with piezoelectric materials and associated applications.

Electrode Patterns & New Ultrasonic Innovation (3/28/2013)
- APC offers a variety of electrode patterns including: wrap-around, side-tab, insulation band, and bull's-eye patterns. Products using APC International's best in class piezoelectric materials continue to push the boundaries of device performance.Transdermal Specialties has introduced and patented an innovative new ultrasonic technology.

Feeling Displaced? APCPiezoCalc Tells You the Difference & UIA Symposium Event (3/14/2013)
- APC International is attending the 42nd Annual Symposium of the Ultrasonic Industry Association. The UIA is the international business forum for users, manufacturers, and researchers of ultrasonics.The APCPiezoCalc is an interactive mobile application that allows the user to easily calculate the frequency constant, resonance frequency, capacitance, dielectric constant, static displacement, and static voltage of many piezoelectric ceramic elements.

Piezo Actuator Resources & Testing Flexibility for Resonant Systems (2/28/2013)
- A piezo actuator converts an electrical signal into a precisely controlled physical displacement, to finely adjust precision machining tools, lenses, or mirrors. Piezoelectric actuators also are used to control hydraulic valves, act as small-volume pumps or special-purpose motors, and in other applications. APC International supplies stack actuators, piezo benders and stripe actuators.

Matters of the Heart: Power and Health! (2/14/2013)
- Per an article in the MIT Technology Review, Nano generators could someday lead to medical implants and sensors powered by heartbeats or breathing. APC International manufactures both OEM and replacement parts for a variety applications and industries. Beyond simply manufacturing the PZT part, APC International's joint development programs, contract manufacturing and assembly services frequently play a key role in these types of business partnerships.

Simply Calculate Static Voltage with Our App & Order In-Stock Piezo Parts! (1/31/2013)
- Do you need a simple way to calculate Static Voltage for a Ring Shape? Do you need to be able to do calculations in both radial mode and thickness mode? You could always pull out the formulas to the right and plug & chug OR you could use the APCPiezoCalc App!

Piezo Knowledge Center Info & Add-Ons for Stack Actuators (1/17/2013)
- The performance of piezo-actuators for various applications is not only defined by piezo-ceramics used. It depends on a lot of other traits like the finish of the stack structure or other added features. Excessive temperature interferes with actuator performance and reliability.

Easily Calculate Capacitance with APCPiezoCalc & Piezo Materials in Pacemakers (1/3/2013)
- Pick your part shape, measurement units and dimensions. Explore APC International material choices or enter your own. Confirm that you are solving for Capacitance and calculate the result. According to the University of Michigan, researchers at the University are experimenting with piezoelectric ceramics to convert the heart's vibrations into a usable voltage to power a patient's pacemaker.

APC Holiday Wishes & Cornell University Team Wins Robo-Sub Competition (12/20/2012)
- As the Holiday Season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and on those who have helped to shape our business in a most significant way. Cornell's Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (CUAUV) team has scored again, taking first place in the 15th International RoboSub Competition July 17-22 in San Diego.

APCPiezoCalc! The App For Easily Calculating Resonance Frequency (12/6/2012)
- Why develop an App? So that you would be able to easily compute the most common physical and electrical properties of our products without the need to memorize formulas or look up material properties. The piezoelectric charge constant, d, the piezoelectric voltage constant, g, and the permittivity (dielectric constant), ε, are temperature dependent, but these relationships can be compensated for in the design of a sensor.

NEW! APCPiezoCalc iPhone App Launched & Thanksgiving Schedule (11/20/2012)
- The APCPiezoCalc is an interactive mobile application that allows the user to easily calculate the frequency constant, resonance frequency, capacitance, dielectric constant, static displacement, and static voltage of many piezoelectric ceramic elements. To make calculations easier, the APCPiezoCalc is preloaded with the material properties of APC's piezoelectric materials. To allow for a broader use, the user is also able to add custom material properties.

APC Ultrasonic Cleaning & New Coyote Case Innovation (11/8/2012)
- Introducing a great new product from Coyote Case, LLC using APC International's piezo technology! The Coyote Case is a durable smartphone case that hides a powerful personal panic alarm coupled with an automated bluetooth-enabled security app. An assembly of multiple ceramic elements offers considerable performance and production advantages in piezoelectric materials applications, relative to a single ceramic element.

APC Piezoelectric Cylinders, Modes of Vibration & Related Equations (10/25/2012)
- APC International supplies a wide range of standard and custom designed piezoelectric cylinders. Piezoelectric crystals can be made into a variety of different shapes to achieve the desired vibration mode and related characteristics.

Forces to Avoid on Stack Actuators & Why Choose Hard PZT Materials? (10/11/2012)
- Care must be taken when mounting stack actuators! Bending, shear or tilting forces can cause damage. Hard ceramics have characteristics generally opposite those of soft ceramics, including Curie points above 300°C, small piezoelectric charge constants, large electromechanical coupling factors, and large mechanical quality factors.

APC Stock Shear Mode Plates & Journal of Therapeutic Ultrasound Launch (9/28/2012)
- APC now offers fours standard shear mode plates available for quick delivery. Custom shear mode plate designs will also be considered. The Journal of Therapeutic Ultrasound (JTU) has launched its website!

APC Custom Piezo Parts in 6-8 Weeks & Plant Expansion (9/13/2012)
- Receive most custom ceramics in 6 weeks for orders of 2500 parts or less and 8 weeks or less for orders up to 5000 parts! Does your current supplier have their own line of piezo-materials? Can you reach key personnel when answers are needed? APC is expanding the Heckman Gap Manufacturing facility. More space, more equipment, more staff, improving service.

STOP Machining Piezo Plates & Labor Day Schedule (8/30/2012)
- Let APC dice your plates for you. Receive ready to use parts and eliminate your yield loss. We can sort parts too!

Five Piezo Materials Essential for Your Success & Piezo Chips (8/16/2012)
- Five powder domestically made compositions APC 840, 841, 850, 855 and 880 are available for production purposes. Piezo chips can be used in ultra-compact actuator arrangements.

APC Piezo Sale List Now More Flexible & Navy VI Material HERE (8/2/2012)
- The ceramic elements on the sale list are now sortable by: item #, shape, size, price and quantity. Consider APC 855 for your next sensor application.

APC 855 Piezo Material Now Available Usage & Contract Manufacturing Options (7/19/2012)
- APC International is continuing the expansion of its domestically produced piezo material product line. APC's 855 Navy Type VI material is now available as a USA MADE material. Let APC International, Ltd. be your in house piezo assembly specialist. Control your costs, quality and budget.

APC July 4th Notice, Nebulizer Usage & Stack Actuator Variables (6/29/2012)
- APC International supplies a wide range of standard and custom designed products used in ultrasonic applications. When it comes to actuators, any type of actuator enhances certain desired features at the expense of others - choose wisely!

APC Attending ICC4, Get the Conference App & Explore Medical Ultrasound (6/21/2012)
- Representatives from APC International will be attending the 4th International Congress on Ceramics (ICC4) in July 2012. Drop us a note at to arrange a meeting.

APC Product Usage Blog Series & New Applications (6/7/2012)
- The first post in a new BLOG SERIES provides some additional background information on APC's standard ultrasonic cleaning transducers. Check out advanced drilling technology and touchable holograms - interesting developments!

APC Securing Piezo Elements & d33 Meter Testing Overview (5/24/2012)
- Of the three approaches - gluing, soldering, and clamping - see what is considered best practice. A d33 testing unit is a fast, reliable, low cost means of determining d33 values and can be an invaluable tool.

APC Piezo Blog Launched & Data Transmission/Energy Harvesting Developments (5/10/2012)
- APC's website now includes a blog meant to feature product and industry information. New applications and related technologies continue expand the use of piezoelectric ceramic in the marketplace. Check out the work by Tristan Lawry, a doctoral student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

APC Piezo Stack Options & Technical Sales Position Opening (4/26/2012)
- The functionality of piezo stack actuators can be extended in variety of ways using available options. Do you have a technical background that includes applied sciences such as electronics, ultrasonics or materials? APC International is seeking a technical sales representative!

APC Transducer Assembly & In-stock Options, Shear Mode Capabilities (4/12/2012)
- Whether you need ultrasonic air transducers, ultrasonic cleaning transducers or assistance with a transducer project, APCI can help. APC International is expanding capabilities in the area of shear mode piezoelectric parts!

APC Piezo Element Sizes & Stack Actuator Types (3/29/2012)
- Using CNC technology APC International is able to manufacture piezoelectric ceramic elements in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Learn about different stack actuator types.

APC Piezo Stack Handling & Operation and Electronic Alternatives (3/15/2012)
- Piezo stack actuators from American Piezo require careful consideration when designing a system. Check out this e-mail for a basic review.

APC Piezo Cylinders & Recommended Reading (3/1/2012)
- Piezo cylinders from American Piezo come in many shapes and sizes. We can manufacture piezo cylinders with very tight tolerances and thin walls.

APC Temperature Dependence of Piezoelectric Elements and Sensors (2/16/2012)
- Did you know that the piezoelectric charge constant the the piezoelectric voltage constant are temperature dependent? Learn more...

Preview USA Made APC 840, 841, 850 and 880 & In-House Assembly! (2/2/2012)
- APC's line of piezo powders are all manufactured in the United States. APC's in-house assembly for piezo products can save your company time, effort, and expense.

Preview APC Piezo Actuator Types & Piezo Element Behavior (1/19/2012)
- Need a precisely controlled physical displacement? Perhaps a piezo actuator from APC International is the solution.

APC Piezo Knowledge Center & Piezoelectric Constants (1/5/2012)
- With over 25 years of experience in the piezo industry, APC's knowledge center has answers to many of your piezo application questions.

APC Happy Holidays & Focused Ultrasound Review (12/22/2011)
- Happy Holidays from APC International & Focused ultrasound in the future of medicine.

APC 841 Piezo Material is Back & Actuators for Precision Positioning (12/8/2011)
- APC 841 piezo powder is compatible with high mechanical loads and high voltages. This highly consistent PZT powder might be perfect for your high-power application.

Happy Thanksgiving from APC & Ultrasonic Cooking! (11/24/2011)
- Add ultrasonic french fries to your Thanksgiving dinner?

APC Piezo Stack Actuator Challenges & Piezo Buzzer Driver (11/10/2011)
- Avoid damaged piezo stack actuators with advice from APC. New parts in updated APC piezo sale.

APC Transducer Options & Shear Mode Plates (10/27/2011)
- APC offers standard Air Transducers and Cleaning Transducers. APC expands shear mode plate manufacturing capabilities.

APC Piezo Powder Line Up & Award Nomination Highlight (10/13/2011)
- APC PZT Powders are made in the USA, made with a secure source of high quality raw materials, and offer reproducible results. APC's customer Aerogen has been nominated for the Engineers Ireland Excellence Award.

APC 850 Piezo Powder Made in America & Energy Harvesting Resources (9/29/2011)
- APC 850 is perfect for piezoelectric sensor applications and can be used to make cosistent parts year-after-year. Learn more about energy harvesting with piezo materials.

APC 840 Powder & Parts - Amp Up Your High Power Applications! (9/15/2011)
- APC 840 offers a low dissipation factor making it ideal for high frequency transducers.

APC 880 Material Focus - Consistent Performance & Piezo Overrun Stock (9/1/2011)
- APC 880 PZT powder offers a high mechanical Q and is ideal for ultrasonic surgery applications. APC clearance sale stock provides fast delivery of piezo products.

Great USA Made Piezo Powders & Sensors Conference Presentation (8/18/2011)
- APC offers High Quality Piezo Powders manufactured in the United States. APC's representative to present on Piezoelectric Materials and there use in Structural Health Monitoring

Piezo Stack Focus: Background, eBook and Mounting (8/4/2011)
- Learn about the benefits of using a stack actuator and the proper way to mount a stack actuator in your system to prevent damage to the ceramic elements.

APC Control Costs and Quality / Compare Ceramics (7/21/2011)
- APC's value added services will help your company save time, effort, and expense. Ask us how we can help.

APC Piezo Chips and Your FAQs (7/7/2011)
- Learn more about the use of piezo-chip actuators for force sensing and generation applicaionts.

Check out APC's new eBay Store & Application Highlight (6/23/2011)
- Visit APC's new piezo store on eBay to purchase small quantities and overrun piezoelectric ceramics and piezo products.

APC Piezo Cylinders & Discussion Forum Invitation (6/9/2011)
- APC offers thin-walled piezo cylinders at highly competitive prices. Join the APC Discussion Forum in our Knowledge Center.

APC Nebulizer Boards Info & Whitepapers to Download (5/26/2011)
- APC offers stock RoHS compliant 1.65MHz nebulizer boards and replacement assemblies for fast delivery. APC's knowledge center now features technical updates to assist our customer with how best to use APC's products.

What is a standard product? Need to do d33 testing? (5/12/2011)
- Learn more about APC's standard products. See if owning a d33 meter is right for your company.

APC Piezo Element Shapes & PMN-PT Options (4/28/2011)
- Using advanced machining technology, APC is able to manufacture a wide range of custom piezoelectric ceramics.

APC Piezo Reading & Resources / Products & Services (4/14/2011)
- Brush up on your understanding of piezo technology with this recommended reading list. Let APC save you time, effort, and expense with Value-Added Services.

APC Attending ONR & UIA / Piezo Stacks Discrete vs. Co-fired (3/31/2011)
- APC Announces Spring Conference Schedule. Why choose a discrete stack or co-fired stack actuator?

New APC International Website is Launched! (3/17/2011)
- APC International, Ltd. recently launched its new website that features more intuitive navigation, a knowledge center, improved quote request tools, and much much more.

Piezoelectric Powders Now Made in the USA & We're Now on Facebook! (3/3/2011)
- APC International, Ltd. is now producing piezoelectric powders at a facility in Pennsylvania. Like us on our new Facebook page!

Congressman Thompson Visits APC & Precision Positioning with Piezo Stacks (2/17/2011)
- Congressman Thompson visited APC International to explore the impact of manufacturing in PA. The implications of using piezo stacks in positioning applications is reviewed

APCI 1.65MHz Nebulizer Board Product Update Announcement (2/7/2011)
- An upgrade announcement accompanied by factors to consider in nebulizer applications.

APCI Thank you! 25th Anniversary & Market Applications (2/3/2011)
- APC International, Ltd. celebrates 25 years and a review of typical market for piezo products.

APCI Shear Mode Plates & Industry Events for 2011 (1/20/2011)
- An overview of shear mode opportunities and industry events for 2011.

APCI Soldering/Assembly Services & Common Ring sizes (1/6/2011)
- Support and assembly services are highlighted along with basic piezo ring information.

APCI PIA Device Article & Pyro Shock Simulator (12/9/2010)
- A reference to the PIA Device Article featured in the December 2010 issue of Ceramic Industry Magazine and an overview of an actuator application.

APCI Power Generation with Piezo & Hard PZT Applications (11/11/2010)
- A discussion about energy harvesting and review of the characteristics that make hard PZT appropriate for specific types of applications.

APCI Extended Piezo Stack Functionality & Assembly Options (10/29/2010)
- An overview of options that can be provided with stack actuator products and solutions that are provided to overcome in house assembly problems.

APCI Common Piezo Part shapes & Applications (10/15/2010)
- A review of part sizes used for ultrasonic cleaning and a discussion about piezoelectric theory as it relates to applications.

APCI Ultrasonic Generators and Conference News (9/30/2010)
- A review of the generator model APCI Gen-1006 as well as an update on conference presentations given by APC International representatives.

Electroceramic Powder Project Update and d33 Meter Details (9/16/2010)
- Discusses progress on the electroceramic powder project being undertaken by APC International and HLP. Reviews the features and benefits of the APCI D33 meter.

APCI Piezo Behavior and Bi-Laminar Flexing Actuators (9/2/2010)
- Explores parameters that are significant when dealing with piezoelectric ceramic materials and focus on stripe actuator products.

APCI Help Selecting Piezo Materials & Controlling Your Budget (8/19/2010)
- Do you need to determine which material is best for your application? Are quality problems and rejected parts creating high costs? Look to APC International for solutions.

APCI Actuator Characterization and Comparison (8/5/2010)
- A brief exploration of piezo stack actuators and relevant characteristics accompanied by a comparison of low voltage and high voltage stacks.

APCI Piezoelectric Constants and Recommended Reading (7/22/2010)
- A review of relevant piezoelectric constants, website sources for information, the APC International text book as well as other recommended reading available for purchase.

APCI Cylinder Applications, Updates and Company News (7/8/2010)
- An overview of cylinder (tube) applications, company updates and management changes.

APCI Ultrasonic Cleaning & Powder Characterization (6/24/2010)
- A review of Ultrasonic cleaning concerns such as available generators and transducers as well as a discussion about soft ceramics vs. hard ceramics.

APCI New Piezo Actuator E-Book! Download it Now. (6/10/2010)
- Provides a link to download APCI's new E-book primer on piezo actuation and also reviews value added services

APCI PMN-PT CLEARANCE SALE , PZT Powder Article and News (5/28/2010)
- Original PMN-PT Clearance announcement, link to May 2010 Ceramic Industry magazine article and PMN-PT news

Nebulizer Board Factors/Upgrades/Options and Related News (5/13/2010)
- Review of important considerations with respect to Nebulizer board design. ALSO - APCI upgrade information and recommendation of specific connectors to reduce solder related failures.

Pyro Shock Simulator, UIA Symposium & News Highlights! (4/29/2010)
- Explores uses of piezo actuators, the 2010 UIA Symposium is reviewed as well as News Highlights

Ultrasonic Transducers and Ultrasonic News (4/1/2010)

Actuator Expert Meeting Opportunity & Recent Piezo News! (3/18/2010)
- An invitation to meet with APCI's actuator expert and recent piezo news

GEN-1006 Generator & Medical and Energy Harvesting News (3/4/2010)
- A review of the features of the APCI GEN-1006 product line and energy harvesting applications.

Actuator Focus & Piezo Energy and Sensing Applications (2/18/2010)
- A message highlighting Pst 150 series stack actuators and a review of news items related to piezo energy and sensing applications.

APCI on Panel at Georgetown University & Piezo Motor Applications (2/4/2010)
- Ian Henderson, President of APCI, participated in a Operations oriented panel discussion at Georgetown University and piezo motor applications news is reviewed.

NEW PRODUCT - Rectangular Bimorph & Bimorphs in the News (1/21/2010)
- APCI Introduces a new rectangular bimorph product! Bimorph applications are explored.

Flow & Level Sensing Options / Power & Sensing Applications (1/7/2010)
- Reviews flow and level sensing products. Provides some recent news focused on power and sensing applications.

Happy Holidays and Joyous New Year from APCI (12/24/2009)

Cylinders with Service and Piezo Applications News (12/10/2009)
- Discusses cylinders and available value added services.

Happy Thanksgiving from the APC International Team (11/26/2009)
- Thanksgiving note and piezo news related to cooking.

Air Transducer Clearance Sale and Transducer Application News (11/12/2009)
- Announcement of a sale on non-ROHS air transducers and a review of transducer applications.

Piezo Impactors/Accelerators and Piezo Music News (10/29/2009)
- Provides an overview of PIA system benefits and links to additional materials on the topic. Piezoelecetric parts in music news are explored.

Ignitor Elements & Piezo Applications (10/15/2009)
- A review of ignitor products and piezo applications in the news.

Bonding & Potting / Piezoelectricty in Biophysical News (10/1/2009)
- Reviews benefits of utilizing value added services and offers piezo news items relating to biophysical applications.

APCI Stack Actuator Considerations, E-verify and MS&T'09 / News (9/17/2009)
- List factors that are important to consider when designing or specifying stack actuators and reviews the upcoming MS&T'09 event.

Powder Categorization and Automation News / New Powder (9/3/2009)
- Discusses the differences between Soft and Hard Ceramics and includes automation news items.

APCI Inspection/Testing, Poll and New Powder / Ultrasonic Applications (8/20/2009)
- A review of the benefits of inspection and testing, ultrasonic applications news and a peer poll.

- APC announces agreement to manufacture piezo materials in the United States.

APCI Transducers, News and UIA Call for Papers (8/6/2009)
- Review of some popular transducer models and information on the UIA Call for papers for the 39th Annual Symposium on April 12-14, 2010.

APCI Piezo Amplifiers and Piezo News in Motion (7/23/2009)
- Explores Amplifiers available to support piezo related projects and reviews actuator related news items.

APCI Power Generation and Energy Harvesting News (7/9/2009)
- Highlights piezoelectric elements used in energy harvesting and recent energy harvesting news.

APCI Ultrasonic Generators and News / Structural Monitoring (6/25/2009)
- A review of APCI Generators, news items and papers on structural health monitoring.

APCI d33 Meter Price Reduced and Resources/News (6/11/2009)
- An announcement of a price change on APCI's d33 Meter and variety of recommended piezo resources.

Fetal Heart Monitoring / New applications drive growth (5/28/2009)
- A cursory review of typical parts in medical applications and recent news items.

Piezo Rings and Inviting Fascinating Topics (5/14/2009)
- Standard 38mm and 50mm rings are reviewed and APCI invites readers to submit fascinating topics for future consideration

Electrifying News Stripe Actuators and Ceramic Element Behavior (4/30/2009)
- Stripe Actuators are reviewed and the behavior of piezoelectric ceramic elements is discussed

Piezo Cylinders and ONR Acoustic Materials and Devices Workshop (4/16/2009)
- Explores cylinders available from APCI and the upcoming ONR conference

Electrifying News State of the Art Plant and Overcoming Soldering Challenges (4/2/2009)
- Reviews soldering challenges with respect to piezo and APCI's State of the Art Plant

Electrifying News Upcoming events (3/20/2009)
- Air transducers and UIA event

Electrifying News Reduce Costs and Gain expertise (3/6/2009)
- Value added services and stack actuators highlighted