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From medical devices to consumer goods, you’ll find APC International components at the heart of a wide range of products from around the world. With sophisticated manufacturing capabilities, we specialize in meeting the needs of a diverse group of clients who require piezoelectric ceramics and piezo products. Our products include piezoelectric transducers, ceramic, actuators and more. Follow the links below to learn more about the various markets our piezoelectric devices serve.


Industrial equipment: Piezoelectric motors, sensors, actuators and transducers have a number of important uses in industrial processes. Use our actuators to precisely control industrial machining tools; our transducers are commonly used for individual part cleaning, welding plastics and drilling, or milling ceramics and other difficult materials.

Automotive: Second only to industrial machinery, the automobile manufacturing is one of the largest markets for piezoelectric devices. Piezoelectric sensor technology is behind some of the most important advances in automotive technology and safety, including seatbelt locks, knock sensors, airbag sensors and much more.

Aerospace: Aerospace continues to be one of the most important piezoelectric markets served by APC International. Our piezo transducers offer a precise, cost-effective method of monitoring and controlling structural vibrations. For any application that requires an extremely small and precise mechanism, piezoelectric devices offer greater efficiency and a higher power to weight ratio than electromagnetic motors.

Security and defense: APC International manufactures piezoelectric motor components for the defense industry that deliver silent operation, unmatched accuracy in positioning and zero magnetic interference. Our products are an important part of military-grade sonar, guidance and tracking systems. At home, piezo transducers are a vital component to many domestic security systems.

Commercial sonar: Commercial avionics is another important piezo ceramic use. Piezo transducer technology has been used in sonar technology since the First World War — APC International is proud to offer lead zirconate titanate (PZT) ceramic technology that delivers low mechanical loss under demanding conditions.

Medical: APC International piezoelectric devices can be found in ultrasound and other medical imaging technology as well as in sophisticated dental and surgical tools where accuracy and efficiency are critically important.

Home goods: From your smart phone to your acoustic guitar, piezoelectric components are helping families work and play more efficiently every day. Valued for their quality and accuracy, APC International products are essential components of many popular consumer electronics and other home goods.

Power generation & Flow monitoring: Piezoelectric components can be used to monitor energy or fuel consumption, as well as flow rates and other important figures. Our products are built to operate in even the most difficult field conditions, and are trusted by some of the world’s leading power generation companies.

To find out more about the complete selection of APC International products, or for more information about how we provide quality components for your industry, contact our team today. You can also browse our website’s extensive knowledge base for white papers and other information.