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piezo accelerometer aerospace material

piezoelectric accelerometer airplane

APC International is proud to offer a full range of piezoelectric products that deliver the precision and functionality required by the aerospace industry. We provide proprietary piezoelectric aerospace materials that are specifically designed for use in a variety of aerospace applications.

We also design and manufacture a broad range of ready-to-use components including piezoelectric accelerometers. All of our piezo accelerometers and aerospace materials are expertly assembled and tested in our Pennsylvania facility. Our processing capabilities include:

APC International is dedicated to meeting the exact needs of our customers in industries ranging from aerospace and defense to engineering and design. Our team can be contacted directly with any specific inquiries about custom piezoelectric aerospace materials and components. You can also browse our online knowledge base for more information about our production and design capabilities.

Piezo Elements Used In Aerospace

APC International manufactures five proprietary piezoelectric materials and piezo ceramics, which deliver a range of functionality suitable for many aerospace applications. These are:

  • APC 850/855: APC 850 and 855 are our soft ceramic piezoelectric materials, offering high coupling and high charge sensitivity. Use our soft ceramic products for piezoelectric accelerometers, and other devices requiring high permittivity and high piezoelectric charge coefficients. APC 850 and 855 can also be used for piezo accelerometers, flow meters, gyroscopes level sensors, pressure sensors, and more.
  • APC 840/841/880: APC 840, 841 and 880 are our proprietary hard ceramics, made from a special formula of high purity lead zirconate titanate. Use them for applications calling for a high piezoelectric charge constant and greater power output per volume of material — such as the production of high power actuators, high frequency transducers and ultrasonic cleaners. APC 880 has even greater dielectric stability and delivers low mechanical loss even under demanding conditions. Use it for high frequency transducers, piezo actuators, and piezo motors.

Learn more about our specific materials here.Have a question? Contact APC International for assistance. We’ll help you assess your piezo aerospace application requirements.

Our PZT Production Process

APC International uses high quality PZT (lead zirconate titanate) to create its piezoelectric aerospace materials. Our PZT begins with the highest quality raw materials, which are sourced specifically for their material activity and their absences of deleterious impurities. Raw materials are weighed and wet milled to achieve uniform size, then dried, calcined and returned to the mill for the addition of organic binding materials. PZT is then spray dried and pressed into ceramic elements. By controlling various stages of this process, we can create materials with the special properties required for use in piezoelectric aerospace devices.

Readymade Aerospace Products

APC International can provide in-house assembly of piezoelectric components for the aerospace industry. Aside from a wide selection of standard actuators, transducers, piezo accelerometers and other products, we offer custom design services that save your company time and money. We also provide contract manufacturing and custom assembly of piezoelectric accelerometer components and materials.

All products are built to exceedingly high tolerances and are thoroughly tested to withstand piezo aerospace applications. Our QC procedures can be adapted to industry standards, military specifications or to a criteria of your developing.

A Trusted Partner for Your Piezoelectric Accelerometer Needs

In addition to custom piezoelectric accelerometer products, we also provide a range of value-added services. Our capabilities include sorting, binning, soldering leads and more. APC International is equipped to accommodate small, large or very large orders. Whatever your needs, we have your covered with:

Competitive pricing — Our combination of fair prices and one-week delivery is one of the best values in the industry.

Excellent customer service — Our goal is to provide exceptional customer care. We’ll take the time to understand your needs in order to deliver the most efficient and effective solutions.

Quality products — APC International continually strives to provide the highest-quality piezoelectric aerospace materials and components. We specialize in meeting your custom requirements.

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