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Piezoelectric components are found in a large number of household appliances, from the kitchen to the living room and throughout the home. APC International can design and supply quality piezoelectric components for a range of consumer goods, from the basic technology behind barbeque igniters to sophisticated sensors found in cars and home appliances.

Piezoelectric Lighter Basics

The igniter in a cigarette or barbeque lighter is one of the simplest piezoelectric devices there is, and it is commonly used to explain the general principles of piezoelectricity to a layperson. Simply put, the piezoelectric effect involves a material, such as crystals, salts or ceramics, that responds to mechanical stress by producing an electrical charge. In the case of a barbeque lighter, pressing the button strikes a ceramic element which produces a spark. This spark then ignites the gas that is passing through the burner. This is why a piezoelectric lighter will work indefinitely without requiring any external power.

Piezoelectric Lighters From APC International

APC International has been designing and manufacturing piezo components for household appliances since 1986. Our piezo igniters and piezoelectric lighters are manufactured under the same quality system that ensures the high quality of APC’s piezoelectric ceramics used in sophisticated medical devices and avionics systems. This includes the use of our proprietary PZT ceramic, the product of years of applied research and development. We manufacture three standard PZT igniter elements with both push button and squeeze activations. Our standard igniters range in size from 10 to 15.88 mm in length and are capable of delivering consistent voltage sparks even after thousands of uses. You'll find our igniters in a range of household appliances including ovens, grills, water heaters and other gas appliances.

Pricing and Availability

Our standard piezo igniters are available in mix and match lots of 100. Contact our team directly for current pricing information. Orders to clients throughout North America can be fulfilled quickly from our Pennsylvania facility. If you can't find the product you're looking for, contact our team directly about our custom manufacturing capabilities. Our team can design and engineer a product to your exact specifications — we happily fulfill both large and small orders with the same commitment to quality and customer service.

Other Household Applications

Piezoelectric technology is used in a number of additional applications beyond igniters. Piezo buzzers are found in home security and alarm systems, humidifiers use our fluid atomizers, and many electric toothbrushes use APC’s ultrasonic transducers to deliver powerful cleaning without abrasive brushing. Musicians will recognize the technology from the piezoelectric pickups found on many acoustic guitars, cellos, violins and other stringed instruments. Whatever your specific needs are, APC International can work with you to develop quality piezo components at an affordable price. Contact our team today for more information.