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Manufacturing and industrial processing is the single largest market for piezoelectric products. As a leading supplier of ultrasonic piezoelectric motors and their components, piezo sensors and more, APC International is proud to be a vital ally to a range of industries. We can provide a complete selection of sophisticated components built to the demanding standards today’s avionics, manufacturing, consumer electronics and other industries demand. Contact our team today for information about what we can do for your business.

Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic sensors are an increasingly important type of piezoelectric industrial equipment used in sorting and material handling at various stages of the manufacturing process. A piezoelectric level sensor uses sound waves to detect and monitor levels of material in a bin. This allows for increased automation and accuracy, and less material lost due to human error. And because piezoelectric equipment is not affected by dust and other particulates, your processes won’t be disrupted by breakdowns.

Piezoelectric Actuators

APC International also manufactures both stack and stripe actuators which can be used for a variety of industrial processes. Our stack actuators can be discrete or co-fired, and they consistently deliver high blocking forces and stroke. Stripe actuators produce a large stroke with a very low blocking force, and are primarily used in applications that require an electrical signal to produce a large mechanical deflection.

HOW PZT Is Used In Piezoelectric Equipment

PZT (lead zirconate titanate) is the basis for the production of much of the world’s piezo equipment. At APC International, all PZT used in our piezoelectric equipment is derived from exceptionally high purity materials sourced from around the world. The specific ratio of these materials can be adjusted and optimized for use in a variety of industrial applications. Our PZT ceramic is prized for its superior strength and density, high coupling and charge sensitivity, and clean frequency response. Because of this, it is well suited to use in flow and level sensors, nondestructive testing and quality control equipment, ultrasonic cleaners and more.

About APC International

APC International has been supplying piezoelectric motors, actuators and other industrial equipment since 1986. We manufacture five proprietary piezo materials that are renowned for their consistency and quality. We can also custom design, build and test piezo motors and other ready-to-use devices in our sophisticated machine shop. Our clients include a number of Fortune 500 companies and other global manufacturers who trust us to deliver solutions that save them time and money without compromising quality.

To find out more about what APC International can do for your business, browse our selection of white papers and other technical resources. You can also contact our team directly for more information. Find out why some of the best companies in the world count on us for piezoelectrical industrial equipment.