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Power Generation Monitoring Product

Power generation monitor

As our energy usage continues to evolve, utilities monitoring and demand management is an important emerging field of technology requiring more sophisticated devices. Piezoelectric energy technology encompasses everything from ultrasonic monitoring devices to circuit breaker switch gear. Whatever your specific piezo power generation needs are, count on APC International for high quality products that deliver quality and consistency every step of the way.

Piezoelectric Monitoring Systems

Piezoelectric sensors play an important role in residential and commercial energy systems. Our sensors and transducers are commonly used in smart meters and are essential to conservation demand management (CDM) technology that lets consumers monitor their energy use in real time. Our ultrasonic sensors are also used in gas and water flow meters — piezoelectric monitoring systems are prized for their accuracy and their response to subtle changes in contents in reservoirs and piping. Some of the benefits of using piezoelectric meters, as opposed to alternative technologies, include the lack of complex moving parts, which support miniaturization and reduces the risks of breakdowns in the field.

Stack and Stripe Actuators

Piezoelectric actuators can be found in a number of electrical components. Stack actuators control electrical switches, fuel pumps and other important components in power generation equipment. Because they require no maintenance and can be used again and again without deterioration, stack actuators can reliably produce extremely precise movements in tight spaces. APC International's stripe actuators can be used to open and close an electrical circuit, making them useful in a variety of switching applications. Our standard stripe actuators are available in four different sizes ranging from 35 x 2.5 mm to 60 x 20 mm. We can also custom design a stripe or stack actuators to meet the specific requirements of your application. Contact our team with the details of your project for pricing information.

Our Products

It doesn’t matter what type of piezoelectric energy system needs you have — APC International can offer quality components that will get the job done properly. We manufacture five proprietary ceramics made from the highest purity lead zirconate titanate. APC 850 and APC 855 are our two soft ceramics, ideal for use in sensing applications including flow rate and level monitoring. APC 840, APC 841 and APC 880 are our hard ceramics, which are better suited for high power applications, including high stress pressure sensors. Composite materials blend one of our ceramics with an epoxy or polymer to lower acoustical impedance and produce a higher coupling coefficient, which can be useful in flow control applications.

Custom Piezoelectric Design Services

Aside from our premade piezoelectric power generator components, we can also fulfill large and small custom orders of transducers, actuators, sensors and other products designed to your specifications. For more information, contact our team directly.