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Common Shapes & Sizes of Piezoelectric Elements

Piezoelectric Ceramic Shapes and Sizes

Using CNC technology APC International is able to manufacture piezoelectric ceramic elements in a wide range of shapes and sizes. APC International most frequently manufactures piezoelectric discs, piezo rings, piezo plates, and piezo tubes (cylinders). While these are the most common ceramic crystal shapes manufactured by our machine shop, we also have a great deal of experience manufacturing hemispheres, trapezoids, concave lenses, and other customer specified shapes. If you don�t see the shapes you are looking for listed on this page then, please contact us for more information. We can work with you to create the correct shape and size for you.

We have created this page to provide our customers with some background on the more common ceramic shapes manufactured by APC International. Ceramic elements listed on this page can usually be delivered with a shorter lead-time than other ceramic elements manufactured by APC International. Contact us today to get your order completed quickly!

APC International�s manufacturing capabilities extend well beyond what is listed below and that we frequently manufacture larger, smaller, thicker, and thinner ceramic elements for our customers. To inquire about the full range of our manufacturing capabilities please contact your APC International Representative.

Please be assured that regardless of the shape and size of the piezoelectric ceramic you need, when you choose APC International as your supplier the quality is guaranteed.

To request a quote or to inquire about APC International�s custom piezoelectric element manufacturing capabilities please contact your APC International Representative. We are happy to assist you with standard orders and custom requests.

Piezoelectric Ceramic Crystals: Common Shapes and Sizes

Piezo Discs

Piezo Disc Outer Diameter: 0.250� � 2.000�
Piezo Disc Thickness: 0.008� � 0.400� depending on Material
Small Piezo DiscsSmall Piezo DiscsSmall Piezo Discs

Piezo Rings

Piezo Ring Outer Diameter: 0.250� � 2.000�
Piezo Ring Inner Diameter: 0.070� � 0.750� depending on OD & thickness
Piezo Ring Thickness: 0.008� � 0.400��depending on material
Small Piezo RingsSmall Piezo RingsSmall Piezo Rings

Piezo Plates

Piezo Plate Length: 0.080� � 1.900�
Piezo Plate Width: 0.080� � 1.900��
Piezo Plate Thickness: 0.008� � 0.400� depending on material, length, and width
Square Piezo PlatesThin Piezo PlatesPiezo Plate

Piezo Cylinders

Piezo Cylinder Outer Diameter: 0.350� � 0.900��
Piezo Cylinder Length: 0.150� � 0.450�
Piezo Cylinder Wall Thickness: Minimum of 0.040�
Piezo Cylinders

Note that due to manufacturing limitations, not every possible dimensional combination above is available.

Standard and Shear Mode Poling of Piezoelectric Ceramics

APC�s standard piezoelectric ceramics are poled in thickness mode and electroded on the positive and negative surfaces. APC also supplies piezoelectric ceramics poled in shear mode. APC�s offers a line of standard 15mm x 15mm x 1mm piezo shear plates. In addition to APC�s standard line of shear plates, we can custom manufacture shear mode plates and half-rings. Shear mode ceramics offer greater sensitivity and displacement than a piezoelectric ceramic poled and electroded in thickness mode.

To request a quote or to inquire about APC International�s custom piezoelectric element manufacturing capabilities please contact your APC International Representative.