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In-house Assembly & Contract Manufacturing

Piezo Assembly

APC International offers assembly and contract manufacturing services that can save your company time, effort, and expense. APC's team of application engineers will review piezo transducer and piezo sensor designs free of charge to determine if APC can reduce your assembly costs or improve the quality of your piezo sensor or transducer. APC's assembly and contract manufacturing services fall into two categories: basic services and custom assembly & contract manufacturing.

Basic Services:

  • Soldering leads to piezoelectric ceramics - See Below
  • Bonding of piezo elements to customer specified materials
  • Testing of piezoelectric ceramics and devices - See Below
  • Sorting, binning, and pairing piezoelectric ceramics based on electrical properties

Custom Assembly & Contract Manufacturing:

  • Piezo transducer development including: transducer housing manufacturing, soldering, and potting
  • Assembly of piezoelectric ceramic devices, subassemblies, and components into sensors, transducers, and customer specified designs
  • Level sensors
  • Flow sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Print heads
  • Accelerometers
  • Custom unimorphs and bimorphs
  • High power transducers and ultrasonic cleaning transducers
  • Stack actuators
  • Flexing actuators

APC International is willing to review customer applications and requirements and advise how we can be of assistance. Please contact an APCI representative for details on any of our services and to ask how APCI can make your piezo project easier.

Electrical Leads

We will attach electrical leads to our piezoelectric ceramics and devices on request. APC's standard leads are 32AWG, 6” in length, and parallel arranged. Other common leads range from 2” to 6” in length / 26AWG to 32AWG. Other size leads are available upon request. For alternative leads please specify AWG, length and, if appropriate, provide a drawing showing the desired locations. If you would prefer to attach leads yourself, APC offers a soldering starter kit to make things a little easier.

Our solder is RoHS Compliant. For more information, please read our General Review of Lead Free Solder Options.


We routinely monitor the physical dimensions, capacitance, d33 value, and frequency of all piezoelectric ceramic elements manufactured and sold by APC International. Dimensional and electrical tolerances for our piezoelectric ceramic parts are listed on the tolerances page of our website. We can tighten dimensional tolerances and test for other electrical parameters on request.

APC will test ceramic materials and elements according to your needs. We can implement test processes and procedures for:

  • Industrial standards
  • Military specifications
  • Sampling plans
  • Customer-defined programs


For more information regarding services offered at APC International, please contact one of our representatives today