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Piezo Product Design & Consulting Services

APC International’s skilled engineering staff and in-house research facilities enable us to offer a range of piezo design and consulting services to save you time, effort, and expense. Our piezo product design capabilities include: materials development, transducer design, systems optimization, and custom joint development programs.

Which APCI piezoelectric ceramic design is best for my application?


Physical and piezoelectric properties of APC materials are presented in the Materials section of this site. You’ll also find extensive information regarding recommended applications for these materials. If a review of this information does not answer your questions, please contact an APC International piezo consultant today. We’ll help assess your specific piezo design and/or piezo consultant needs, and guide you to the most economical and informed decision.

Custom Piezo Product Design Orders

APC International is a leading supplier and distributor of piezoelectric ceramics and devices to companies in the U.S. and around the world. In addition to ready-made piezoelectric products, we also custom prepare ceramic elements to exact customer specifications. We have the capabilities to manufacture a wide range of shapes in varying sizes, using our broad selection of ceramic materials.

Our expert team is fully equipped to help you turn your vision into reality. We are happy to supply piezo consulting to help you achieve your project goals, and we can also assist in selecting the right ceramic composition and piezo shape for an existing design.

To plan your project, discuss your specific piezoelectric product needs, or determine how our design professionals can best assist you, contact:
Phone: +1 570-726-6961

APC International is pleased to offer the following consulting and design services:

  • Custom design of piezoelectric ceramics, devices, and transducers to meet customer's specifications and requirements
  • Materials development
  • Systems Optimization
  • Piezoelectric device project design, management, and manufacturing
  • Participation in piezoelectric device design teams / joint development programs
  • Evaluation of piezoelectric ceramics and devices to determine problems and solutions for customers
  • Consulting services as requested

The Benefits of Working With an APC International Piezo Consultant

APC International excels in customer service. We understand that sometimes a conversation is required to fully assess our clients’ needs. We’re willing to review specific customer applications and requirements and advise how we can be of assistance.

Our piezo consulting service means you get the support you need throughout the piezo product design process. Along with complete custom piezo product design capabilities, we also offer value-added services such as sorting, binning, soldering leads and others.

Our manufacturing plant has the flexibility to accommodate small, large or very large orders. We service a wide variety of industries such as aerospace, automotive, defense and consumer sectors. Other industries that rely on our piezoelectric materials include:

    • Engineering and design
    • Industrial and manufacturing
    • Medical devices/ultrasound technologies
    • Research and development

Our complete product inventory ranges from piezoelectric ceramics in standard and custom shapes to stack actuators, disc benders, stripe actuators, ultrasonic cleaning transducers and more.

Contact Us Today for Additional Information on Piezo Consulting and Design

APC International can help your business achieve its goals with competitive pricing, quality products and superior customer service. We’ll work closely with you to assess your specific needs and supply the most efficient and effective piezoelectric solutions.

APC International is willing to review customer applications and requirements and advise how we can be of assistance. Please contact an APCI representative for details on any of our piezo design or consulting services and to ask how APCI can make your piezo design project easier.