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Piezoelectric Ceramic Clearance Sale

APC has placed the below piezoelectric ceramics and piezo products on clearance sale. These products are offered at a discount to our standard products and are available for immediate delivery. Further, in many cases, APC has reduced the minimum order quantity for these clearance products. These piezoelectric ceramics and piezo products are perfect for those experimenting with our piezoelectric ceramics for the first time and those who cannot wait several weeks for custom ceramics to be manufactured.

Clearance Sale Terms & Conditions
- All of APC International, Ltd.’s standard terms and conditions apply.
- Note product specific terms and conditions listed on each sale item page.
- Final deliverable quantity will be determined by APC following QC inspection.
- Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer, prices above do not include shipping.
- Parts will be sold on a first come first serve basis, availability is not guaranteed.
- Delivery time is one week or sooner, FOB Mackeyville, Pennsylvania, USA.
- Contact APC for volume discounts.
- If you require a part that is not listed contact APC for a non-clearance quote at