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Regular Fiber Composite

Piezo Electric Regular Fiber Composite
Piezo Regular Fiber Composites

The 1-3 regular fiber composites was specifically developed for SONAR applications. 1-3 fiber Piezo composites are prepared by epoxy infiltration of fiber bundles and dicing of the cube-shaped blocks perpendicular to the direction of the fibers. This patented method is also called Arrange & Fill. Regular fiber distribution is achieved by using specific masks. Regular Fiber Composite are only available with 800µm rods and with fill factors between 25% to 48%.

Due to the production methods used, raw blocks of regular fiber Composite can be up to 10cm in length. These blocks can then be sliced into plates of a desired frequency or machined in to various specified shapes, including precise concave or convex contours.

 Typical Applications:

  • Ultrasonic Air Transducers
  • Broadband Ultrasound receiver applications

 1-3 Regular Fiber Composite Specifications:

  • Resonance Frequencies from 40 kHz to 10 MHz
  • Frequency Tolerance ±10% standard, ±5% available
  • Available in PZT Navy type II and type VI
  • Standard Plate 40cm x 40cm, 48% fill
  • Maximum dimensions 6cm by 6cm (2.36" by 2.36")
  • Custom sizes and shapes available
  • Various epoxy and polyurethane interstitial materials available
  • Operational temperatures up to 150C
  • Electrode Material:
    • Copper-Tin for all Frequencies less than 5MHz
    • Silver-Gold electrodes for all frequencies above 5MHz or when requested
  • Mechanical tolerances
    • For dimensions < 6mm±0.1mm
    • For dimensions < 30mm±0.2mm
    • For dimensions ≥ 30mm±0.3mm

When Ordering or Requesting a Quote, specify the following characteristics

  • Composite Type
  • Material
  • Shape
  • Frequency
  • Fiber/Rod Size
  • Fill%
  • Electrode Type