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Disc Benders: Piezo Unimorph and Bimorphs

Unimorph and Bimorph Disc Benders

Looking for piezo discs? We have them too! Click here!

  • clear sound
  • high sound pressure
  • low power consumption
  • small and lightweight
  • 8.9 mm to 50 mm diameter
  • single PZT layer or two PZT layers
  • low cost
  • custom design capability
  • competitive pricing
  • fast delivery

Typical Applications of a Piezo Disc Bender

  • household appliance alarms and warning signals
  • watch alarms
  • smoke detectors
  • keyboards / push-button devices
  • buzzers and speakers
  • toys / games

Standard Bimorph & Unimorph Piezo Disc Benders

Single PZT layer (Unimorph) / solid electrode or two PZT layers / solid electrode. Additional data available on request.
Other units are available on request - please inquire.

Single PZT Layer (Unimorph) / Solid Electrode

APCI Cat. No. Diameter of Metal Disc (mm) Total Thk. (mm) Resonance Freq. (kHz) Impedance (maximum)(テ篠ゥ)

Capacitance (pF at 1 kHz) (テつア30%)

Metal Disc Material
20-1330 8.9 0.11 9.0 テつア2.0 1000 7500 Brass Spec Sheet
20-1200 10.5 0.14 9.0 テつア1.0 1000 7500 Brass Spec Sheet
20-1205 12.0 0.23 9.2 テつア1.0 1000 10,000 Brass Spec Sheet
20-1210 15.0 0.23 6.7 テつア0.5 1000 14,000 Brass Spec Sheet
20-1215 20.0 0.23 3.0 テつア0.5 1000 25,000 Brass Spec Sheet
20-1225 35.0 0.55 2.8 テつア0.5 1000 24,000 Brass Spec Sheet
20-1230 41.0 0.23 1.0 テつア0.5 1000 66,000 Brass Spec Sheet
20-1235 50.0 0.23 1.7 テつア0.5 1000 80,000 Brass Spec Sheet
20-1240 27.0 0.45 3.9 テつア0.5 1000 24,000 Brass Spec Sheet
20-1245 20.0 0.23 3.6 テつア0.5 1000 25,000 Brass Spec Sheet

* Input voltage (Vp-p max): 30
Typical Temperature Specification:
Typical Use Temperature: -20C to +50C
Typical Storage Temperature: -20C to +70C

Two PZT Layers (Bilaminar)/ Solid Electrode

APCI Cat. No. Diameter of Metal Disc (mm) Total Thk. (mm) Resonance Freq. (kHz) Impedance (maximum)(テ篠ゥ) Capacitance (pF at 1 kHz) (テつア30%) Metal Disc Material
20-2225 21.0 0.36 4.0 テつア0.5 1000 100,000 Brass w/ Leads Spec Sheet
20-2230 23.5 0.36 3.0 テつア0.5 1000 140,000 Brass w/ Leads Spec Sheet
20-2235 26.0 0.36 2.6 テつア0.5 1000 160,000 Brass w/ Leads Spec Sheet

Input voltage (Vp-p max): 15

Rectangular Bimorph - Two PZT Layers (Bilaminar) / Solid Electrode

APCI Cat. No.

Length x Width

Total Thk. (mm) Resonance Freq. (kHz) Impedance (maximum)(テ篠ゥ) Capacitance (pF at 1 kHz) (テつア30%) Metal Plate Material
20-2260 25.0 x 12.0 0.34 8.7 テつア1.0 1000 96,000 Brass Spec Sheet

Input voltage (Vp-p max): 30

Custom Design and Engineering Services

We can design and produce disc benders for unique requirements. If the design you need is not listed here, please contact an APCI representative to discuss your specifications. Please see our Construction Options for custom disc benders.

APC also produces piezo discs, rings, and plates. APC will bond piezo elements to matching layers upon request.