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Founded in 1986, APC International, Ltd. has been a major player in the piezo industry for the last twenty-five years. During this time, we have manufactured millions of piezoelectric ceramics and piezo devices. Members of APC International’s team of materials scientists and electrical engineers have been involved with the piezo industry for over forty years and our production employees average over ten years on the job at APC International.

Over the last twenty-five years we have learned that sharing our knowledge of piezoelectric ceramics and piezo devices with our customers and clients is very valuable service offering. In 2002, we released our first textbook, Piezoelectric Ceramics: Principles and Applications to provide our customers with an overview of the theory behind and the application of piezoelectric ceramics. Now, in 2011, we have developed this online “Knowledge Center” to provide our customers and clients with a depository of information on piezo theory and piezo applications and to allow for meaningful dialogue with and between our customers in our new piezo forum. We encourage you to look around this section of our website and to participate in our forum. We hope that you find the information presented here to be useful.

If you would like to speak with one of our team members about your piezo project and the products and services that APC International can provide, please contact one of our representatives.

Disclaimer: All information on this website is presented in good faith, but the user is responsible for ascertaining accuracy, suitability, safety, and patent status for any specific application or environment. APC International, Ltd. and its representatives cannot accept responsibility for losses or damage arising as a result of using this information.