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Sonar technology was one of the first practical commercial applications of piezoelectricity, and it continues to comprise a major segment of the market for piezoelectric devices. At APC International, we’ve been manufacturing piezoelectric components and ceramics for use in commercial sonar systems since 1986. In that time, we’ve developed an unsurpassed reputation for quality and consistency in the industry. We proudly serve military, commercial and research organizations with a range of products and services designed to lower material costs and reduce product development times without compromising quality. To find out more about our transducers, piezoelectric composites and other products, contact our sales team today.

Piezoelectric Composites for Sonar

APC International’s piezoelectric composites are well suited for sonar applications due to their low acoustic impedance and high coupling coefficient. Composites combine piezoelectric ceramics with a passive material such as an epoxy or a polymer. For single-element sonar applications, we recommend the use of our 1-3 random fiber composite, which offers the following benefits:

  • reduced acoustic impedance
  • high coupling factor
  • excellent suppression of the lateral frequency mode

Our random fill piezoelectric composites are produced using a proprietary arrange and fill method. This method involves arranging fibers in bundles and infiltrating them with epoxy. These bundles are then cut into cube-shaped blocks perpendicular to the arrangement of the fibers. Blocks are cut in sizes up to 10 cm long, and they are sliced and precisely machined into convex, concave or other shapes for use in piezoelectric sonar systems.

Using APC 840 for Piezoelectric Detection

APC International manufactures five proprietary piezoelectric materials, of which APC 840 is best suited for a variety of sonar applications. APC 840 is equivalent to Navy Type I PZT materials. Our clients use APC 840 in high power applications where larger mechanical quality factors and lower dissipation factors are required. Like all of our piezoelectric materials, APC 840 can be purchased in powder form or incorporated into a custom transducer design of your choosing.

Element and Piezolectric  Component Design Services

APC International can assist with all aspects of the manufacturing process for piezoelectric sonar systems. We can provide individual components for piezoelectric detection devices or complete assemblies. All components are engineered in our Pennsylvania facility, built to exceedingly high tolerances and quality tested to military or industrial specifications. Contact our team directly for more information about our full production capabilities.

Piezoelectric Sonar Support for a Wide Range of Industries

APC International offers piezoelectric composites, transducers and other products to support a wide range of industries using sonar detection. Whether for commercial fisheries, defense, oil and gas or other industries, our products offer the reliability and precision you need to get the job done right. For technical information, browse our collection of whitepapers and other resources today.