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Wide Range d33 Meter

The piezoelectric charge constant, d, is the mechanical strain experienced by a piezoelectric element per unit of electrical energy applied, or, alternatively, is the electrical energy generated by the element per unit of mechanical stress applied. Defects in a ceramic, due to incorrect composition, processing inconsistencies, or other problems, are reflected by a low d33 value. Consequently, a fast, easy means of determining d33 is invaluable for ensuring quality and consistency among piezoelectric ceramic components.

We offer one reliable, easy-to-use testing apparatus: a d33 meter.

Our wide-range d33 tester is capable of measuring d33 values from 1 - 200 pC/N or 10 - 2000 pC/N, at high resolution, with a high degree of reliability. The wide-range d33 tester accommodates elements of varied size and shape, and displays readouts directly. No additional equipment is needed to operate the wide-range unit, either for obtaining d33 values or polarity. Power requirements: 110/220 VAC / 50/60 Hz.

This d33 meter offers a fast, easy, reliable way to ensure the quality of incoming components and/or optimize and monitor production processes.

Wide-Range d33 Tester Meter - APC Cat. # 90-2030

  • measure d33 values from 1 to 2000 pC/N
  • fast, accurate, direct readout (3.5" / 9 cm display)
  • high resolution
  • high repeatability
  • no technical expertise needed -- easy training / easy to operate
  • accommodates varied size / shape ceramic elements, single crystals
  • low cost
  • complete and ready to use for measuring d33 values, determining polarity
  • stable reference sample for calibrating the d33 meter included

Specifications of d33 Meter

Instruction Manual for d33 Meter

See our technical update on measuring the d31 value of a piezoelectric element using APC's d33 Meter.